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Injection Mold Tryouts

Production Simulations In-House

Injection Mold TryoutInjection Mold Tryouts are available in our Lakeshore, Ontario facility on a scale not seen anywhere else.

We operate four tryout machines of varying sizes with capacity of 225 tons to 3300 tons, including a 6-axis robot UBE 3300 Ton that replicates our customer's cycle time.

Each customer has different standards and with these tryouts we can demonstrate and advise what makes most sense for each customer's production. We simulate their entire production environment to see how it runs and how we can make it more cost effective next time. These tryouts allow us to constantly look for areas of improvement and with these capabilities we save customers up to 40 hours of programming.

By doing dry runs that last up to 20 hours to look for wear, we are able to repair any issues accordingly before the mold leaves our plant. If the product has landed in our customer's hands, they can be certain that it works.